I have been collecting beer glasses since the age of 18 when I made my first overseas trip, hitch-hiking from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, via Belgium, Holland, and Germany to visit friends in Austria. In the town of Oostende, Belgium I saw a beer glass "LEFFE BLONDE" which, for some reason I found extremely beautiful and which I really wanted to have. After some negotiation with the waiter and subsequently the owner of the seaside bar, I managed to obtain the glass which accompanied me throughout my journey to Austria and back to Newcastle-upon-Tyne and formed the basis of my collection of glasses, now around 3000 from 65 countries.

My enormous collection contains the most amazing variety of glasses of all shapes and sizes ranging from mini-beer-glasses to a three litre German "Stiefel" and even contains some very rare, antique items given to me by various overseas friends. Many have been given to me by breweries, but the vast majority I have collected myself on my travels or they have been brought for me by friends and colleagues from their business trips or holidays abroad. It would be unfair to single-out any one person who has helped me more than others, so to all who have helped in any way, I would like to express my profound and most grateful thanks. You all know who you are and I could not have done it without your help.